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The Midnight Radio Network was founded with a vision of pirate radio in mind. 

I believe we used a tape recorder, Duct Tape, Some Cables, and a computer. 

Mad Dog was the audio Genius back then and somehow we  made it work. 

25 years ago, broadcasting with an AM Transmitter that was built in a garage,

the essence of The Midnight Radio Network was born.

The Midnight Radio Network has been a dream ever since. 



         1.  Do you Have a station that you would like to get more listeners for?


         2. Do you have a podcast or licensed stream that you would like to grow? 


         3. Do you have frequent 10-15 minute audio blurb on a topic that really matters to

            you  into your cell phone mic while driving down the road?


We want to talk to all of you! 


We  offer you the chance to grow your station or podcast and reach new listeners 100%

free of charge.  We never ask for a credit card or payment. 


We also offer free air time to anyone who wants to share their thoughts with the world.

You do not have to be a professional podcaster or even an amateur one. 


Everyone Gets A Voice at Midnight !


Please fill out the below form or shoot us an email  and tell us about what youve got .


We provide links through our website for Patreon.

If you would like to support us please head there. We appreciate any and all support. None of this would not be possible without it!

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